Each client has varied requirements

We clean the way you instruct, whether undertaking general cleaning, spring cleaning, carpets or windows.

Knowing and understanding our Clients needs is the primary catalyst for our ongoing success.

We assist your decision making by providing a comprehensive assessment to identify your individual needs and preferences.

This Scope of Works ensures we match your requirements and expectations before we start!

Consistent Delivery of Services

As professional cleaners, our job isn’t just about getting one-off results that our clients will enjoy; it’s about ensuring that our long-term results are consistently outstanding and that we continually deliver all of our services exceeding the expectations of our clients.

To ensure this consistency we employ and train our own cleaning staff – we do not sub-contract.

Our staff are highly trained to our exceptional standards to make sure they reach yours!

Environmentally Responsible

Tydii provides a diverse range of environmentally friendly cleaning products for all our Clients cleaning needs.

Tydii seeks to conduct business with a commitment to protecting the quality of the environment.

To achieve this policy, Tydii is committed to the prevention/reduction of pollutants and wastes and will at all times put in place waste minimization processes and reuse/recycle of materials.